About Us

Who we are....... "Chavera" which means friend in Hebrew is a company with over 35 years combined experience in nursing and medical fields. Chavera Home Care, a friend along life's way! You can put your trust in our hands! We are passionate about providing the best non-medical in home services. Focusing solely on in-home care allows Chavera Home Care clients to enjoy the highest quality individualized service. We are professionally bonded and insured for your peace of mind. We encourage your independence and do not dictate your schedule, but rather we follow yours.

  • Chavera Home Care helps guide you step by step in deciding which services best fit your needs.
  • We specialize in relationships, we start with a face-to face meeting in the clients' home. Where together, we formulate a specifically tailored plan of care.
  • Hiring caregivers based not only upon reliable references and strong employment history, but also upon personal ethics and caring traits is a critical aspect of Chavera Home Care service.

All of the above

In the delivery of Chavera Home Care services, we encourage independence and do not dictate the schedule of our clients. In fact, we base our schedule on individual preferences, whether it be day or night. The individualized attention Chavera Home Care clients receive is largely dependent on the client and/or family preferences. Our job is to align our duties to individual home care preferences.

Pre-Screened Staff

Clients have a say on who their caregiver will be. Chavera Home Care conducts a thorough assessment of client needs to supply the optimal staff. All Chavera Home Care staff thoroughly trained and prepared to meet our clients needs.

Tailored Plan of Care

Chavera Home Care strives to achieve your best health in a home setting by developing a care plan that suits your needs.